Serenity Dawn
Serenity Dawn
Serenity Dawn

Serenity Dawn

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Every creation is a beautiful surprise and curated with the freshest plants. Comprises of Sansevieria (Snake Plant).  Sansevieria is a great plant for indoor spaces because it add an enhancement to your house decoration which looks unique. If you place it in a perfect position, it also helps to bring purifying and protective energy into your house and even office. 

Approximate Dimensions: 
50cm (H) x 19cm (W)

Additional Information:
The photos represent the thematic style of the plant arrangement.

Plants are products of nature; hence, the sizes, shapes, colours, and availability vary daily.

When certain products become unavailable, our florists may make appropriate substitutions of equal or higher value while maintaining the arrangement's aesthetic style.

Photos are for reference only, and variations can be expected. When an item becomes unavailable, our designer will make the appropriate substitution of equal or higher value while maintaining the aesthetic style.