What Your Favourite Flower Reveals About Your Personality

Did you know, different flowers are often associated with different personalities? As individuals, we are completely unique to one another, with our very own set of interests, personality traits, behaviours and habits. No two people are exactly alike and the same goes for flower variations too! In this article, we take a look at some of the more popular flower bouquets to uncover what your favourite flower says about you!

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Bouquet of roses

The epitome of love and devotion, roses are perhaps the most popular blooms when it comes to expressions of affection, particularly on occasions like Valentine’s Day or proposals. If this is your favourite flower, you are most likely a romantic at heart, with a soft spot for romcoms and dreaming of your perfect match. However, there is more to your character. Those drawn to roses often exude sophistication and charm, carrying themselves with grace and possessing a strong sense of passion in everything they do. Your friends may playfully label you the ‘dramatic one,’ but you’re smart enough to know that sometimes, a little dramatics can make life that much more interesting!  

Beyond conveying romantic sentiments, roses also serve as symbols of friendship! Pink and yellow rose bouquets especially, are a great way to show just how much you treasure your friends. Know someone who sounds just like a rose? Then the rose bouquet would make for the ideal gift! 

Baby’s Breath

Bouquet of baby breath

Contrastingly, where boldness and allure characterise the rose lover, those who prefer baby’s breath embody gentleness and simplicity. Given the choice, you would much rather sit back and observe, instead of being the centre of attention. You are often perceived as shy and quiet, but that is not to say there aren’t moments where you take the spotlight and shine! Much like how a baby’s breath functions as a filler in floral arrangements to add a light and ethereal quality to flower bouquets, your nurturing nature blossoms as you support your friends in all their endeavours. You are reliable, trustworthy and the ultimate go-to person for advice, and no friend group would be complete without you! 

If you're lucky enough to have a friend like that, send them a baby’s breath bouquet to show just how much you appreciate them! 


Sunflower bouquet

Last but not least, we have the ever-lovable sunflower. The sunflower’s symbolism and personality perfectly mirrors its appearance – bright, happy and warm. If the sunflower is your favourite, these three descriptors likely capture your essence! Your mere presence can brighten anyone’s day and you have the amazing ability to always look on the bright side regardless of the situation. You are the kind of person everybody wants to be around simply because you make them happy and your positive outlook on life is wonderfully contagious. Though you may get the blues just like everyone else, you never let it get to you for too long and that in itself showcases the determination and strength in your personality as well. 

The sunflower bouquet makes for a thoughtful present to tell the sunshine in your life that you’re blessed to have them around!

Found a flower that complements you? We hope that this fun article has provided you with some insight into flower personality analysis, allowing you to better learn about yourself and connect your personality through flowers! Not only can you now choose a suitable flower bouquet to give to others, but you can also get one for yourself to have on display – a bouquet that conveys the meaning of your favourite flowers!   

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